Sunday, January 21, 2018

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Ericsson Method


The technique developed by Ronald Ericsson, Ph.D., of Gametrics, Ltd., Montana, for sex selection has been used extensively and is presently offered by numerous centers in the United State and worldwide.

The process for both the male and the female selections begin with the sperm filtration. Although the two procedures differ in concentrations and incubation, they both are similarly filtered through a salt protein solution within isolation columns (or small test tubes). At the final incubation, the bottom layer of the filtration is collected and processed for artificial insemination. This is a procedure where the physician will place the prepared specimen either intra-cervical (female procedure) or intra-uterine (male procedure). For the female selection, the sperm filtration technique is used in conjunction with a fertility drug, clomiphene citrate, to change the cervical mucus, for the insemination of the sperm.

The success for the male selection is approximately 83% and the female procedure is approximately 78%. On an average, conception has been occurring for both procedures after 3 to 4 cycles.

The first step to begin the program will be a consultation appointment. At this appointment, the doctor will review the couple's medical history, the women's gynecological history, menstrual cycles and ovulation predicting (there will be no physical examination). For couples interested in the female selection, the doctor will give the patient a prescription for Clomid (clomiphene citrate). This is for the female selection only and it is a very important part of that process. After you have had your consultation and you are ready to begin the program, call the medical technologist when your cycle starts (this is cycle day one). We will discuss your ovulation timing and tentative dates for the insemination procedure will be given. Please feel free to confirm these dates with an ovulation predictor kit (OPK), basal body temperature (BBT) charting, using a ClearPlan Fertility Monitor, or any other means of ovulation detection. It's requested that you stay in contact (even if it's on a daily basis) with the laboratory regarding your ovulation evaluation, especially when they do not coincide with the tentative dates initially given. Our laboratory works on an appointment basis.

If you cannot conveniently come to the office for your initial consultation, we can also accommodate couples that travel from out-of-town with applying the consultation at the same time of the first insemination. Be sure to coordinate this type of appointment when you call and be sure to print off the information listed on the "Information Package" page.